Dominic Carubba

Who Am I?

I’m a former Marine and CEO that went from Stand Up Comic
to Stand Up Trainer in 1999. I majored in technology and mastered the art of influence. I have read over 1000 books,
taken hundreds of seminars and led the workshops that transform leaders at all levels: “Winning!”

I have trained every major CRM on the planet and fell in love with Salesforce; I can “make it sing”and have you salespeople sell more deals faster, lose fewer deals and stress less in the process: “Winning!”

I have a passion for sales and I apply all my knowledge to bridge the gap between people and technology; Specifically, Salesforce technology, so that your salespeople achieve their personal best: “Winning!”

This means I use the most effective learning and development tools and leading-edge strategies to help your people thrive in business and in life: “Winning!”

Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, including:

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Thanks for stopping by our website. I hope that you are getting the information you need to solve your problems with sales and technology.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, allow me to make a suggestion: Contact me.

Remember the “good ole days” when you would pick up a phone and have a conversation with someone? It can really be helpful. And don’t worry, you won’t get a voicemail or an idiot, you’ll get me answering the phone.

How can I promise that?

It’s simple, Because you schedule the call using my nifty calendar application that finds a time that I’m available that works for you so that when you call I’ll be ready to pick up the phone.

Get in touch
Just visit and schedule a call with me. (While you’re there, sign up and do the same with people that want to talk to you; It’s free and works with most calendars that publish online.) So, go ahead, schedule a call and we’ll have a chat that will serve you and solve your problem. I promise you that while I AM a Sales Trainer, I have no interest in SELLING YOU anything. All I want to do is SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM at an agreed upon price that is merely a fraction of the cost of the problem.


Engaging Presentation


We work to keep our presentations as engaging as possible because we know that is key to transformative learning.

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Certified with Salesforce and have a number of testimonials of customers that have worked with us.

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We want you to be successful and that is why we focus on the end result. It isn't just that we transform your learning, we change outcomes.

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