3 Proven Tips in Building a Successful Sales Team

“Two heads are better than one” but why settle for only two when you can have a group of people that are united and cooperatively working with each other?

Working in teams, or groups, is often difficult. Some people are territorial or tend to overlook the importance of all of the contributions to a project. There are also people that need to prove themselves. These people can be narrow minded or think that they can – and should – do all the work alone.

Overcoming these obstacles is important in order to foster a spirit of community and teamwork. Here are three tips that can help build a more successful sales team. I put them in a format that can be easily remembered when thinking of a team. TIM-sounds like “team” itself.

Team Building Activities

Never underestimate the capacity of these activities.  These fun tasks are created and given to teams to bring out their spirit of unity in accomplishing tasks together.

There are three broad categories of activities – each with significant value.

  1. Self-Awareness: Individuals can’t be successful if they don’t know how what talents they bring to the group. Activities with a goal of self-awareness will build self-worth, give team members confidence and show them how differences among each other are benefits, not liabilities
  2. Communication: Problems arise when there is miscommunication, in personal and professional relationships. With the proper exchange of information, a team will learn the best ways to interact with others and foster open lines of discussion.
  3. Conflict Management: If you have a team, there will be conflict. This doesn’t have to be negative. With activities about conflict management, every person in a team knows they will be able to voice their concerns and reach resolution by working together.


Self-awareness does not just happen in an individual person. Teams also have an identity. What is your team identity? Is it strictly professional? Is there an “open-door” policy? By outlining the team’s function, as well as its goals, individuals feel more secure in their role and more comfortable sharing.

Manage Rewards

From a very young age, we all want to be recognized for our hard work and accomplishments. As adults, we are no different. Rewards lift our spirit even in just the smallest way.  Giving compliments, constructive criticism and commendations in a team makes everyone feel that their efforts are appreciated.

Building a successful team, especially those with a lot to finish in a certain span of time can be a tough undertaking. With TIM (Team Building-Identification-Manage Rewards), you are sure to maximize the potential of your sales team.

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