It is that time of the year. The holidays tunes are at full blast. The mall Santas are at their stations. Those infamous sweaters are coming out of storage. You're scratching your head about what to get for your the office White Elephant and wondering what is going to go down at the office party. Whether the holiday season puts a pep in your step or solicits more of a groan, we wish you luck and good cheer. We thought it be fun to muse about what of what might be on a Salesforce Administrator's Holiday Wishlist.

1. The Die Hard Salesforce Fan

Does your Salesforce Administrator wear a Trailblazer hoodie? Did you Salesforce Administrator go to Dreamforce? Are they an encyclopedia on Salesforce products, releases, and fun facts? Are they basically next in line for a golden hoodie? 

What to get this serious fan? It is hard to imagine that they don't already have a pre-order on every Salesforce merchandise, and a ticket to Dreamforce is probably out of your budget (who are we kidding, they are most likely invited to speak there next year). There is nothing a die hard Salesforce fan would like more than a chance to talk about their favorite CRM. Let them at it by inviting them to panel. If that sounds like too much, I am sure caffeine to fuel their studies for their 20th certification would be appreciated. 

2. The Grumpy Admin

They are great at their job and are a little irritable, but you appreciate them and you depend on them to keep the CRM up and running. Nothing will warm their heart more than a tin of homemade cookies and some heartfelt gratitude. 

3. The Salesforce Newbie

The Salesforce Newbie has all the enthusiasm of a Die Hard Salesforce fan, but is quite new to the Salesforce space. Something to help make their job easier and that is free for the org can be a dream come true. Check out our suggestions for some of the best free apps for Salesforce Administrator, or help them up their skills with one of our certification courses. Not only will they help them upskill, our courses are filled with practical everyday advice for admins and a free monthly Q&A.  

4. The Solo Admin 

They have a lot on their plate. They might also be spinning a lot of plates. They lord over your CRM and your users would be lost without them. All they want for Christmas is for users to finally understand how to use list views, reports, and dashboards. It is hard to give your Solo Admin a gift, but maybe a laminating machine.

5. The Trailhead Explorer

Did you just adopt Salesforce? Did your admin accidentally fall into the role? Or are you just exploring your options on Trailhead? There are many resources out there around Salesforce and it can get confusing. A Trailhead Explorer can truly benefit from a structured Salesforce course. It'll help them and your org succeed. 

At the end of the day, nothing matters more than giving your admin the environment and tools to succeed...and maybe not a passive aggressive lunch bag to tell them to go to the office. 

Happy Holidays!

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