I have learned after training CRM for over 20 years that you don't need to stand up in front of your audience to deliver all the training.

We now have tools and resources available 24/7 from almost anywhere.

Stop wasting money on content development that is already done for you.

This list of Videos is a Prerequisite for all of my Salesforce training classes.

They are all short, concise, and focused videos that share the best parts of Salesforce with your users. And best of all, it starts the engagement process before anyone shows up to class.

Use them in an email marketing campaign, a kickoff meeting, or in your regular staff meetings.

Don't feel that you even have to use them all at once... watch 1 or 2 at your next sales meeting and create a dialogue with your sales team about how the features and benefit of a world class CRM can make their lives better and their commissions bigger.

Good luck and let me know what you think.

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YouTube Videos provided by Salesforce to prepare for the Lightning Experience:

Video Name and Link along with the Duration. Just click each link.

What is CRM? 2:20

Salesforce Sales Cloud Overview Demo 2:01

Lightning Experience: Let's Take it for a Spin 4:26

Search in Salesforce (Lightning Experience) 2:05

Salesforce Lead and Campaign 1:32

Accounts and Contacts Management - Sales Cloud Demo 0:47

Opportunity Management - Sales Cloud Demo 0:56

Reports and Dashboards - Sales Cloud Demo 0:58

Connecting to Salesforce in Outlook 3:37

Working with List Views (Lightning Experience) 4:06

Salesforce Files in Lightning Experience 2:30

Work Your Opportunities and Manage Your Pipeline (Lightning Experience) 4:16

Use Tasks to Boost Sales Productivity (Lightning Experience) 4:28

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