You have Salesforce, now what? Salesforce is a powerful tool for CRM data, but it can be difficult to wrap your head around its capacities and configuration. At Sales and Technology Consultants, we believe this way to improve operational efficiency, lower support cost, empower your leadership, and build your team engagement is through better understanding and training of Salesforce. Here is why you should be a better Salesforce customer. 

1. Improve Operational Efficiency

By investing in your infrastructure and the people who run it, you build understanding of how Salesforce works, what are its limitations, and how to find solutions for your business needs. Plus, by training your users, they become experts in YOUR Salesforce, your operators become your internal consultants. 

2. Lower Support Cost

How can you lower support costs in your org? You can change Salesforce partners, but is the transition cost? Hiring your own internal administrator, what is the cost? How much does it train someone new on your business?

By empowering your own team with fundamental Salesforce knowledge on both the frontend and the backend, you give them the tools to identify and troubleshoot issues without involving costly third parties. Or, when a third party is needed, your team can better identify the issue and reduce support hours.  

3. Empower Your Leadership

Help your leadership find better business solutions by teaching them how to make better partner requests. By familiarizing your leadership about Salesforce, your leadership will have bases of how things work in Salesforce. It allows your leadership to be more clear-eyed on decisions and how to leverage your existing tools. By identifying problems accurately, it will greatly facilitate your leaderships ability to direct business solutions and partner conversations.

4. Upskill Your Staff and Engage Your Users

Your team is often your biggest investment. To ensure your Salesforce does not become a glorified address book and utilize its powerful data capacities, it is important to upskill and engage your users. Through training, you will have the ability to collect, better prioritize, and develop better solutions that matter the most at the frontline. Your staff and users already understand your business, help them understand Salesforce to tap into the well of ideas and possibilities. 

Let Sales and Technology Consultants help you develop the right Salesforce training for your business. Schedule a call with us at f you have any questions about how you should leverage any one or more of these features, set up a call with us

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