Dreamforce 2022 took place in San Francisco between September 20 and September 22. With announcements of the newest in Salesforce and big name speakers, the 3-day event attracted around 45,000 attendees. Salesforce leaned into their trail, trailblazer, trailhead branding and built a temporary Dreamforce "national forest" near the Moscone Center. Whether you attended, tuned in online at Dreamforce +, or not, Dreamforce was probably still on your radar. In this post, we are going to sum up some of the biggest releases and product announcements announced at or around Dreamforce. 


1.Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Genie was definitely the focus of Dreamforce 2022. It has a cute fantasia-esque bunny. The bunny has been popping up all over Salesforce. Salesforce Genie aims to harmonize customer data from various sources, and different platforms, to provide you with a "real-time" Customer 360 and to help you deliver tailored marketing and service for your customers. Genie and Customer 360 strive to combine automation with AI to provide real-time customer profiles in the Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CPD).  Combining data, AI and orchestration, Genie is geared to a wideset of clouds and platforms, including Sales, Service, Marketing, MuleSoft, Tableau, Field Service, Commerce, etc. The main sales pitch is an seamless customer experience. There are lots of questions, and interest, about Salesforce Genie. It will be exciting to learn more. 

2. Trailhead Profile Changes 

Trailhead profiles are becoming more dynamic. You might have noticed that new ranks have been introduced, now, you will have the option to mark yourself open to work with the Hire Me button. You can also display your community pride with hashtags on your profile. 

3. Slack

The Slack team had some announcements this Dreamforce. Remember when Salesforce completed its acquisition of Slack last year? With this release there will greater ability to build on top of Slack and add more automations to your Slack integration. This is good news for Slack users. Flows can now directly integrate into Slack. Hurray. Moreover, there is greater integration of Slack with all Salesforce products. This means developments like being able to work through an opportunity cycle in Slack, including closing opportunities without leaving the app. The aim is for users to be able to reach faster decisions and smarter decisions, save time and improve efficiency.

4. Customer Data Platform (CPD) and Analytics

The Customer Data Platform product aims to unlock insights into your customer by bring together your customer data into a single platform. It has data preparation capacities, and can validate your data as it is being imported. The analytics side works to bring sales insights, campaign analytics, business intelligence, and service/contact center data. If you have any insights or thoughts about this product and Salesforce Genie, we would love hear it.  

5. Net Zero Cloud and Marketplace

This year, the conference aims to be more sustainable. Salesforce is offsetting travel emissions; there was no general swag, and adjustments were made to the catering. Coupled with an interview of Jane Goodall led by Marc Benioff, Salesforce discussed its Net Zero Cloud and Marketplace.

Net Zero Cloud is about climate action and it got some improvements in the latest update. It can now look at procurement spend and quantity, and with the Slack Connect integration, suppliers can upload their carbon data directly. Salesforce now has a Net Zero Marketplace. It is as the name suggests, it is a a place that allows companies purchase carbon credits. If the organization uses Net Zero Cloud, it will automatically add that credit into the emissions data. 

6. Commerce and Marketing Cloud into the Core Platform

Salesforce has announced that they have made it simpler to integrate Marketing and Commerce Cloud. While Marketing and Commerce are still not apart of the Core, there looks to be intent to move it closer and closer.

7. Salesforce Easy

Salesforce Easy aims to have a simple sign up and set up. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud are all in one navigation. It brings trails and badges in the Guidance Center in product. Salesforce Easy offers quite a lot of out of the box. There is an out of the box sales process, dashboards, forecasting, campaign templates...and you can even purchase the CRM and add-ons quickly from the trial org.  


Did you attend Dreamforce? What did you think? What are your thoughts on the announcements and releases? Did we miss anything big? How do you have thoughts on how product updates and developments are handled? We would love to hear from you. 

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