Fall 2022 Salesforce introduced the Associate certificate to the certification line-up. This new certification has stoked some debate within the Salesforce community on who should get it...and who shouldn't. In this blog, let's break down the new Salesforce Certified Associate certificate. We will give you our take on this new credential. 

About Salesforce Associate Certificate

As with any Salesforce certification, the best source of information is the official exam guide. The Salesforce Certified Associate exam is shorter, cheaper, and simpler than other certificates currently offered. Salesforce states that this certification is, "for individuals who have fundamental awareness of how an integrated CRM platform...who may have up to 6 months of Salesforce user experience."

As of October 2022, the Associate exam consists of 40 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions, with an allotted time of 70 minutes and a passing score of 62%. It cost 75 USD and retaking the exam is free. It is a proctored exam offered onsite and online. There are no prerequisites and it is a closed book test. The questions are simpler than other exams with usually three choices offered. 

From the description of this certification in Trailhead, this exam aims to broaden the base of users with Salesforce certifications. Unlike most other certifications, Salesforce is looking at who is using the platform and at who wants to prove their proficiency. This certificate deviates away from the traditional base of individuals who typically work in setup in their Salesforce org. 

Should you get this certificate? 

Our short answer is - why not? If you are an experienced Salesforce administrator, architect, developer. This certificate does not add any real value to your portfolio. If you are on the hunt for certifications, this is another feather to add to your cap. If you are new to Salesforce, this could be a great confidence boast. Whichever career path you choose, preparing for the new Salesforce Certified Associate certification could be a great way to dive in.

We can always inspire to be like this owl.


Still, we would recommend the Salesforce Certified Administrator as the best entry into Salesforce. Check out some of our posts about exam prep and admin basics.

 Study Resources

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