What are 17 of the new features introduced in Salesforce Summer '22 release?

Summer '22 is the latest version of Salesforce CRM. This update brings several enhancements to the core functionality of the application. There are also enhancements to Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Flow Builder, and much more.

We are highlighting 17 of the main highlights that include:

  1. New Lightning Experience (Lightning) - The new user interface provides a modern look and feel.
  2. Enhanced Mobile App: new feature that enables users to access apps directly through the Salesforce mobile app. The mobile apps now support iOS 11 and Android 9 Pie.
  3. Improved Customer Service - The customer service experience has been enhanced with improved self-service capabilities.
  4. Subscription Management: Customers will be able to manage subscription plans and renewals through the cloud.
  5. Customer triggered campaigns allow customers to receive tailored messages based on their behaviors.
  6. Customer Service Chatbots : Your agents can now answer questions directly within chat without having to pick up the phone or send an email.
  7. User profiles: You’ll get a better understanding of your clients by viewing their interactions with your business and its products.
  8. Restrictions no longer block access to data for users who have View All or Modify all permissions. This is only available on custom objects. Standard Object Permissions remain the same.
  9. External objects will now be covered under restriction rules. This makes it easier to control data stored externally.
  10. Enforcing CPQ will help prevent outages due to excessive CPU usage.
  11. Inactive Picklist Values Management - Better manage your inactive picklist values and enforce limits on inactive values for custom picklists to improve system performance and overall health. Get an email notification when custom picklist fields have more than 4,000 inactive values. Plus, Salesforce has added "Advanced Picklist Management (beta)" to allow for bulk picklist management and duplicate checks.
  12. Custom Address Fields - the functionality of standard address fields but custom.
  13. Dynamic Related Lists - the ability to create custom related lists that can be filtered to display only when particular criteria are met.
  14. Share Individual Campaigns - now available in Lightning.
  15. Improved Reporting and Dashboards - summary functions now include Median, limiting snapshots of tabular report type.
  16. Enable Person Accounts Without Contacting Salesforce Support - Word of Warning: DON'T DO THIS unless YOU REALLY understand the impact. This is for B2C organizations. You could LOSE as much as you could GAIN if you pick this feature inappropriately. Do us a favor - Seek the advice of a professional that will walk you through the pros and cons of this decision. It doesn't have to be us, but it should be somebody.
  17. Enforcement of Multi-factor Authentication - be ready for multi-factor authentication enforcement. Salesforce has announced that it is rolling out enforcement cloud by cloud. To avoid future access issues and user access mishaps, make sure users are set up and trained.

There looks to be more exciting upgrades with the flow builder soon. Some helpful tools have already been added to enhance the flow builder experience. As Salesforce push away from workflow rules and process builder, new functionality is being added to flows and to improve the user experience.

Please remember to monitor the Release Notes for any changes to and the Release Updates page in Setup to keep up to date on releases relevant to your org.

If you have any questions about how you should leverage any one or more of these features, set up a call with us for a CRMtriage.com.

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