Preparing to take the Salesforce Administrator Exam? Here are some top test-taking tips from our training team.  

  1. Know the Exam Breakdown

Don’t wait until the last minute to look at the Salesforce Certified Exam Guide in detail. The breakdown is a useful tool to help you focus your studies. The guide highlights the topics that will be on the test.

  1. Prepare Mental Shortcuts for Key Principles

Here is a  common mnemonic for remembering the basic order of execution for automations in Salesforce:

 Very   - Validation Rules

 Awesome - Assignment Rules

 Admins - Auto-Response Rules

 Work - Workflows

 Pretty - Process 

 Efficiently  – Escalation Rules 

While the order of execution is more complicated than this simple mnemonic, it will help you work through process automation scenarios. 

  1. Know That Some Things You Will Just Have to Memorize

Who sees what? How many components can be in a dashboard? What is the record limit for dataloader, data import wizard? What are their strengths and what are their limitations? How frequent can you schedule exports? There are some things you just have to know. Our Admin Certification courses are great for making sure you understand the main concepts as well as know which nitty gritty details to focus on. 

  1. Avoid Cramming the Night Before (or the Morning of)

You must have heard this a million times before, and know the drill. The night before is not the time to try and learn something new.  It is best to pace your preparation and only review your key notes the night before your test. Besides, you’ll be tired and stressed out the day of your test, and that doesn’t support retention at all.

  1. Read the Questions AND Answers

Pay attention to the phrasing of the questions, especially modal verbs, i.e. should, can, must, etc. This will provide you with key insight on what type of answer the question is seeking. The answer must fulfill all the criterii of the question, but not more. Also be careful of “universal” expressions within the question, i.e. - always, never, all, every; those words should alert you to be extra careful when selecting an answer.

  1. Be Aware of Your Background

Nothing is quite as stressful as launching your Salesforce exam, and realizing you don’t have quite the right setting if you’re not taking the test at a proctored test center (i.e.- home or office). Whether it is noise or internet connection, some requirements can be checked and anticipated. However, some pre-test requirements can throw you for a loop like installing testing software or cameras working properly, and a reasonably well-lit area with a blank wall behind you.  Scope this out before the test or else you might not be able to complete the test in the allotted time.

Oh...make sure you have created your biometric profile well before your exam.

  1. Know The Rules and Be Physically Ready

On top of being well rested and comfortable, it is good to know the exam rules. For online proctored exams, you are required to stay in frame through the exam. No external objects should enter the frame, i.e. water bottles, snacks, etc. You are also not allowed to write or take notes for the web-based exam. You cannot talk during the exam. Beware self-mumblers. This might sound like a lot of rules to keep track of, but don’t worry, the system will warn you. Don’t forget to run to the bathroom beforehand. 

  1. Don’t Panic and Pace Yourself

Take a deep breath, and don’t panic. As of writing, the exam has 65 questions (60 scored, 5 non-scored) and you have 105 minutes. Don’t rush, read the questions and ALL of the answers carefully. Select an answer if you aren’t sure and mark the question for review. If you don’t know the answer, don’t waste time sitting on it, make a guess, mark it for review and return to it at the end. There are going to be easier ones and harder ones, you want to make sure you get a try on all 65. 

  1. Double-Check, but Don’t Doubt Yourself

Whether you have half an hour or five minutes, you should review your answers, especially those you have marked for review. BUT, don’t doubt yourself as much as possible. As anybody who has ever taken a scantron exam before will know, constantly erasing and remarking your test sheet will only make you feel more unsure.

 Check out test prep trailmixes like this one.

  1.  Join an Exam Prep Class (and/or a Test Review Session) 

It can be a live class or a pre-recorded course, an exam prep class can help you prepare as well as making sure you are on the right track. Check out some of our previous sessions on our Youtube channel for free, or join us for a live session.

The same goes for a test review session. It does not matter whether you have passed or failed, a test review session can help you prepare for your next step. 

Check out our Admin exam prep session on Youtube for more tips and tricks, or Join Us for a Live class for comprehensive exam prep! to register for our Live Q&A Sessions.